Aces Wild Casino Parties brings all the fun, excitement, and mystique of Las Vegas to your next event or party. After all, not everything “has to stay in Vegas…” Aces Wild Casino Parties is the leader in providing quality, affordable casino nights. Let us turn any occasion into an exhilarating and captivating night to remember.

From fundraising, holiday parties, to networking events, the ultimate ice-breaker and marketing tool is a casino table. Your guests are not playing for real money so our casino services are limited only by your imagination. You decide. Would your guests be most comfortable in a 1920’s Speakeasy or in black tie while enjoying the elegance of Monte Carlo? The possibilities are endless.

We will work with your unique needs to meet your goals while staying within your budget. Aces Wild wants to be sure your casino event is an all-around success. If you are looking for a new and unique way to entertain your guest, clients, or employees, Contact Us for a bet you can’t lose.


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Use the power of a casino to ante up your fundraising advantage! We work with you to ensure that the casino tables are not just for entertainment, but a tool for maximizing your fundraising potential. Ask about re-buys and other special offers that will be provided throughout the evening to increase donations organically and effortlessly. You can increase revenues by soliciting sponsors for each of the Casino tables. This will not only increase your donations, but will provide a unique and engaging platform for sponsors to reach their audiences. Remember, when you are the casino, the House always wins….

Private Events

Entertain like never before. Utilize the attention and head turning abilities of a casino table to connect and engage in this exclusive and fun way. Casino tables are just one part of the equation; our friendly, professional, and charismatic dealers impress the most experienced gambler and still manage to befriend and coach novice players. This ensures everyone enjoys and participates in your event. No event is too small. No idea is too big. Aces Wild Casino Parties uses the essence and allure of a Las Vegas casino to leave your guests with an experience they will not soon forget. Have you ever heard of an idea being too big for Vegas?

How Many Tables Do You Need?

25 – 50 ppl … 2-4 tables
50 – 75 ppl … 4-6 tables
75 – 100 ppl … 6-8 tables
100 – 150 ppl … 8-12 tables
150 – 200 ppl … 12 -14 tables
200 – 300 ppl … 14 -30 tables

Included Comps:

Everyone loves comps!  “Comps” are complimentary amenities provided to high rollers. At Aces Wild Casino Parties, YOU are the high roller and every casino rental provides you with:
-Professionally dressed and trained casino dealer
-3 hour casino game play (delivery not included)
-1 on 1 casino coordination and consultation
-Fundraising assistance and Social Media marketing
-Access to our network of event services providers


We hired Edgar Comellas to provide a service at our Employee End of Year Celebration. The comments from everyone were overwhelming on the quality of the service, experienced personnel and punctuality of the event. We will certainly keep Aces Wild Casino in mind for future engagements.
Jessie H, Centerplate
“Edgar is a motivated & personable casino host. The parties he puts on with Aces Wild are always fun, well planned & very effective in engaging your audience. I Highly recommend Edgar & Aces Wild Casino Parties.”
Aggi K, Private Events
“We needed a unique and fun idea for a fundraiser event, and the team at Aces Wild Casino Parties did not disappoint! They worked with us and were so detailed to our needs, budget and concerns – I highly recommend them!”
Shana A, Non-Profit



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