Tips on Hiring the Right Entertainment
We all know entertainers can make or break events. Choosing the right entertainment is c-r-i-t-i-c-a-l if you want to illicit that “WOW” response from your clients and guests! Whether using an agency or hiring on your own, there are a few factors to consider when investing in and choosing appropriate and effective entertainers for your events.

Always think about the theme of your event when choosing your entertainment. It should complement and reinforce the crowd you are working with.

Age of Guests
Students/younger people
Entertainment can be specifically catered to this age range based on the theme of the event, music genres and appealing to their tastes. For example, podium dancing, stilts, circus and fire acts are popular choices among nightclubs everywhere as this is exciting, new and perfect for giving the wow factor.

To create a customized atmosphere when entertaining professionals and other adults, it’s important to be tasteful. Again, there are a variety of different entertainment acts to choose from – ranging from live music and bands, to casinos with usherette girls who can serve food and drinks. All can still appeal, be unique, unforgettable and compliment a themed event.

Details to Consider When Hiring Entertainment

Do your performers have liability insurance? Professionals entertainers typically carry their own insurance. Unintended injuries can happen with any type of event or performance and you want to make sure you and your client are not held liable. Ask to be listed as an additionally insured on their policy and get a copy of their insurance certificate.

Ask about fees! Are there any fees above the performer’s hourly rate? Set-up fees for example, travel and / or accommodation costs? Know the facts before you commit to hiring anyone as the cost of the performance could double if they’re expecting flights, food and luxury accommodation!

Taking these factors into consideration when hiring professional entertainers will help ensure a memorable and successful event for all involved.